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Listening costs nothing.

Our first aim is always to truly understand a client’s business; their issues, objectives, and aspirations.

We don’t just say this, we mean it. It’s essential.

So the first thing we do when we meet a new client is listen. Listening repays much. It’s the first step towards enabling us to truly understand you and what makes your business tick.

We’ll ask questions too. Lots of them.

Any marketing activity we then develop and implement will be driven by what we learn about your business, the objectives we set together and, very importantly, the voice of your brand community. Your marketing will always be founded on strong, relevant ideas and creativity and be delivered to the highest standards.


Our Community. Your Team.

If you decide you’d like to work with Town, you will always have one of our experienced Managing Partners as your consistent point of contact. Depending on what we are undertaking for you, we’ll put a bespoke team together from our little black book of some the most talented creative, digital, production and media people around.

This is Town’s creative communications community. We find it a fresh, inspiring, ideas-fuelled place to work and we’re delighted that our clients agree with us on this.

If you like the sound of what we offer, we think you’ll enjoy working with us and that your business will benefit from being part of our community.


You may be wondering what working with Town might cost. Well, we don’t have a ‘get out of bed’ price. We’re used to working with low budgets – sometimes really low ones. And we can make them stretch a long way.

Because we work as a creative community, with low fixed costs, we can pass on this saving to our Clients.

Our fees are modest and, rather like a engaging a good accountant, we like to think that we bring our Clients far more in value and return than they spend with us.

We’ll work hard to ensure that every pound you spend is truly effective. You need to see the results and the returns of your investment in marketing.

If you add up what you spend on marketing and how much of it has really earned its keep, it’s almost certain we can help you make your budget go further and work harder.

Brand Community.

A cornerstone of the way we work at Town is the concept that every business (of any size) has its own unique, interconnected brand community of customers, potential customers, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders.

Understanding this interconnectivity and nurturing the relationship between a business and its brand community is at the core of effective marketing in today’s complex, communications environment.

At Town, we have our own bustling, creative, connected brand community of clients, colleagues and suppliers. It keeps us grounded and it’s key to our approach in developing effective marketing communications for your business.


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