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Project Description

The owners of Nancealverne House, a stunning Georgian Manor near Penzance, briefed TOWN to create a beautiful website showing off this unique house and grounds in all their glory.

The property has direct family links back to Lord Nelson’s Admirals as well as to the Poldark’ era where ancestors were mine owners and this heritage was key to the creative approach.

We suggested that we create a new brand identity which has Cornishness at its heart.

Since the launch of the website at the end of 2015 bookings for 2016 and 2017 have been increasing year on year.

Additionally we created a Direct Marketing campaign for the Travel Trade for the 2017 booking season. We decided a traditional approach would cut through the digital clutter and bespoke hand-titled oversized postcards went out to a database of travel influencers.

We continue to work with Nancealverne House as their marketing partners.

Nancealverne House website design


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