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Project Description


Supercar Finance are specialists in financing luxury, performance and prestige cars. As we got to know the business, we learned that many of their customers came back time and again – and recommended the company – not only because of the excellent service that Tony Howe and his team provide but also because of their immense knowledge of -­‐ and passion for -­‐ performance cars.

We found that the satisfaction customers felt in dealing with Supercar Finance became a tangible part of the uniquely personal, enjoyable experience of purchasing a special motor car. It was about having made the right choice -­‐ the knowledgeable choice -­‐ in more respects that just selecting their car.

It was about taking pride in their discernment.

‘For the discerning’ is now the core proposition that underpins marketing and is reflected in our strapline:

For the discerning performance car enthusiast.

Supercar Finance brand and website design


Supercar Finance asked us to build them a beautifully-­‐designed website with easy navigation, clarity of communication, stature and ‘Supercar credentials.’

Our approach was to create a look and feel based on strong photography and confident use of black, alongside highlight colours commonly found in the performance car market.

Carbon fibre panels and use of car marque logos reflect the brand’s integration with the automotive world. The fully responsive website truly reflects the Supercar Finance brand, works perfectly on mobile devices and links easily and effectively with social media platforms.

Supercar Finance brand and website design


Supercar Finance advertising design


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